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Organizing Contracts from Suppliers

February 6, 2019


So you already went to a lot of wedding fairs, researched and stalked your suppliers, decided to booked them and finally, placed a downpayment for the wedding.


What is next?


ASK FOR A CONTRACT. It is very crucial to ask ALL your suppliers whether big or small, to hand you a contract apart from the acknowledgment receipt, order slip or official receipt. We tend to neglect this at first but as the wedding comes to a close, your contracts will be your best friend when it comes to reminding and demanding your suppliers to fulfill their promise to deliver their services.


Most wedding suppliers have ready-made contracts where in the clients will just fill up the form and sign at the end. These are Adhesion Contracts or Contracts of Adhesion. In other words, "A take it or leave it" type of contract that gives the client the choice whether to sign or not to sign the terms and conditions of the supplier. This is customary and legal. This is structured in a way to close deals faster.


Before you sign, you must read the entirety of the contract. You must remember that when you approach a supplier, you have the upper hand of asking the inclusions of the package or services. You can ask for a discount, additional perks and additional services but in the end, these promises will remain promises and need not be fulfilled if they are not included in your written contract.


Let me give you a list of what to look for in a contract:


1. Make sure the date of your wedding or date when service will be rendered be placed in the contract.

2. Indicate the breakdown of payment and amount of downpayment.

3. Take note of the conditions of the payment, if non-refundable, partially refundable, etc.

4. Indicate in the contract if supplier agreed that you can pay via installments and indicate the dates or times you can pay.

5. Read the inclusions of the package and remind the supplier to write the additional discounts, promises or perks mentioned by the supplier during negotiation (important when you are booking in a wedding fair).

6. Look for hidden charges like additional costs, out of town fees, rental of equipment from third party, etc. Also look for interest or charges for delayed payment.

7. Indicate the date the product will be delivered and where the product will be delivered.

8. Remind the supplier to sign the contract and include the date of signing.

9. Sign the contract and get a copy of the contract with supplier's signature.



After collating your contracts, I highly advise that you organize your contracts and put them in folders or in a clear book so that you can see all your contracts when in time of need


Happy Preps!



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