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Long Distance Relationship for the Strong of Heart

February 8, 2019

"Mamang pintor, mamang pintor" That is what I called him at the back of my mind when we were in highschool. We never talked and we only knew each other by name because we were high school batchmates and I was the batch representative. My recollection of him was that he painted murals on the walls of our school back then. I usually see him with a paint brush on his hand, a saw or electrical wirings.


He is known for being the school "electrician" school "painter-muralist" and school "carpenter" because he is our representative in various national and international competitions in those above mentioned fields. He was truly a gifted student but that's it. We were never classmates so I really do not know him that much.


Our paths crossed in the University of the Philippines, where I studied Political Science while he took Interior Design. I decided to take lawn tennis as my P.E. in order to gain an easy "uno" or (1) grade, because I was part of the varsity back in high school. He also took the same P.E. class. That's it just classmates, we were just acquaintances.

We met again when we joined a Tennis Organization in our University. We became friends and doubles partners in mini tennis tournaments. After a while, he also joined my nightly run around the academic oval. Months passed and then he asked me what is our relationship status? I was straightforward when I answered, "nanliligaw ka ba?" and that was when he courted me for nine (9) months, but for him, it was already more than a year when he started courting me. How would you know if a guy does not ask if he can court you, right? So I counted from the time he asked me. 


Fast forward, right after graduation, he told me that he and his family are going to migrate to the U.S. and will permanently stay there. I was caught off guard and I was not ready to be in a long distance relationship, since I was entering law school. Doubtful to stay in a long distance relationship, he held my hand and said that we can make it. His persistence and patience enveloped our relationship and after nine (9) years, we will finally tie the knot!


Our nine (9) years apart was not smooth sailing. We had major bumps along the way but we kept each other strong. We complemented each other.


 He worked while I studied law. After passing the bar, he finally popped the question and I excitedly answered "yes!".


At the moment, we are still finalizing our suppliers. A few months to go! I can't wait and be married to my prince charming!



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