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The Pamamanhikan

What is "Pamamanhikan?"

It is a Filipino tradition wherein the groom-to-be, with his family, comes to the home of the bride-to-be and formally asks her hand in marriage. Usually, the groom-to-be brings the food that is going to be shared by both families.


Meal time is very important because it is during this time when both families start to discuss the plans for the wedding. Luckily! My fiance brought a lot of food!

Following the advice of the blogs that I have read, my fiance and I decided to present our plans via PowerPoint presentation. This is very useful so that our thoughts are organized and the questions of our families will naturally be per slide or per topic.


We decided to present our plans after dinner while drinking wine. 

Their initial reactions were epic! They thought we planned our wedding for years already. We played our PowerPoint presentation with the use of our television and we played background music while we discuss our plans.


As we present our plans, they were all smiling. We discussed where my fiance proposed, our future plans, our wedding preparation timeline and lastly, our budget.


In sum, all went well and we enjoyed the night. It was truly a remarkable experience. 


We strongly advise that you have a pamamanhikan not only because it is a sign of respect to our parents but also, it triggers both families to get involved in the wedding preparation (especially the schedule and budget part).


Posted below are some slides of our PowerPoint and our dinner meal :)